Two for the seesaw

Show details :
Directed by: Dan Glasu

Scenography: Alin Gavrilă

With: Cristina Blaga-Tomuș, Andrei Gîlcescu

Premiere date: 07.02.2020
Performance in Romanian, with translation into English

Show type : Drama
Duration : 1h 05min

When the American dream proves to be a mere illusion and the past extends its tentacles everywhere you go, love is your only chance to escape. Explosive love, well-anchored in the present. But how to nurture this love when you’re not yet fully aware of your own emotional needs?

Trapped in a world that is much too narrow and too rigid for their aspirations, Jerry and Gittel try to overcome the quirks of life together, following a providential meeting. But love is no simple thing... For she is very naive, unaware of her own frailty, while he cannot break the tight circle of a past connecting him to another woman. And when everything is dotted with a dynamic language oscillating between tenderness and irony, the situation seems ever more problematic.
On the borderline of drama and comedy, “Two for the Seesaw” tells the atypical story of a love that breaks conventional clichés, as well as of the emotional healing process of two soulmates who learn that after loving, being useful is the second most important thing in the world.

‘After a resounding international career, “Two for the Seesaw” by William Gibson, enters the repertory of the “Radu Stanca” National Theatre in Sibiu. “Two for the Seesaw” is an inciting love story between a man and a woman. Deeply touched by negative experiences with their former life partners, on their way to finding each other, the two finally manage to heal their wounds and to hope for sincere, true love. The cast includes two actors who successfully pass their professional maturity exam: Cristina Blaga-Tomuș and Andrei Gîlcescu.’ – Dan Glasu