Le Porteur d'Histoire

Show details :
Written and directed by: Alexis Michalik

Music: Manuel Peskine
Sound design: Clément Laruelle
Light design: Anaïs Souquet
Costumes: Marion Rebmann
Director assistant : Camille Blouet
Producer: Acmé Production

Cast :
Khalida Azaom, Elsa Duchez, Bruno Fontaine, Kevin Sinesi & Benjamin Penamaria

Performance in French, with translation into Romanian and English 
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 12
Show type : Theater
Duration : 1h 40min
Premier Date : 08-07-2011

On a rainy night, deep in the Ardennes, Martin Martin must bury his father. Little does he know that the discovery of a handwritten notebook will lead him on a dizzying quest through history and continents. Fifteen years later, in the heart of the Algerian desert, a mother and her daughter mysteriously disappear.
They have been led by the story of an unknown man, in search of a heap of books stamped with a strange chalice, and of a colossal treasure, accumulated through the ages by a legendary secret society.

Where does history end and fiction begin? A unique exploration of the way humanity is reliant on stories.