I hired a contract killer

Show details :
Text: Aki Kaurismäki

Directed by: Radu-Alexandru Nica

Stage adaptation: Raluca Sas-Marinescu
Scenography: Carmencita Brojboiu

Cast: Daniel Bucher, Daniel Plier, Ali Deac, Pali Vecsei, Johanna Adam

Performance presented in German with Romanian translation
Show type : Comedy
Duration : 1h 05min
Premier Date : 01-06-2023

After fifteen years' service, Henri Boulanger is made redundant from his job. Shocked, he attempts suicide, but can't go through with it, so he hires a contract killer in a seedy bar to murder him at some unspecified time in the future. But almost immediately he meets and falls in love with Margaret, a flower-seller, which makes Henri realize that his life has some meaning after all. But when he goes back to the bar to cancel the contract, he finds it has been demolished - and there's no way he can get in touch with the killer...