The Holiday Game

Show details :
Text: Mihail Sebastian

Directed by: Florin Coşuleţ

Project Manager: Luminița Bîrsan
Costumes: Cendana Trifan
Production manager: Alin Gavrilă
Technical direction: Nicușor Văcariu
Lights: Neluțu Macrea
Sound: Radu Murar
Wardrobe: Adriana Moga
Props: Ana Dumitru
Make-up: Elena Vlad
Dressmaking: Anca Vintilă, Camelia Banu
Mechanic: Ion Balea
Carpentry: Nicolae Munteanu

Cast: Ada Bicfalvi, David Cristian, Cendana Trifan, Ștefan Constantin Chelimîndră, Mihai Coman, Codruţa Vasiu, Florin Coşuleţ

Performance presented in Romanian, with translation into English
Show type : Comedy
Duration : 1h 45min
Premier Date : 01-05-2023

In a mountain resort, far from the madness of city life, several people try to enjoy their holidays. But things don't seem to be going well for Stefan - a grumpy, arrogant young man who constantly sabotages his neighbours. Corina is the only one willing to stand up to him, without realising that she and the other members of the community are about to discover a new way of looking at life. The holiday game is about to begin.
With humour and tenderness, Mihail Sebastian offers us through this play, which is part of the classic repertoire of Romanian dramaturgy, not only a touching meditation on love, but also a eulogy to the everyday beauty that we tend to ignore in the chaotic mechanism of everyday life.

"Who am I? Who are you?...
A romantic comedy, inspired by a true story, a love story, full of immediate realities, accessed only after one of the characters decides to cut off all communication with the outside world - phone, newspaper, radio, bus. This character hides, in other words, the identity of the guesthouse where the tourists are staying, leading to an isolation that is difficult to accept at first. But this forced cloistering forces the participants to become aware of the moment, of the present, of the real presence of the other, creating relationships free of templates, of hiding places, of dual behaviours characteristic of a social life accustomed to dissimulation. But, above all, it leads in an almost tacit way to an introspection that would be impossible to achieve under "normal" social conditions, leading to a spectacular plunge into the depths of feeling, an unprecedented incursion into the depths of humanity, revealing to each actor the need to fully express their feelings, thus parading their soul in plain sight, naturally, like wearing a key chain.
Who am I? Who are you?... basic questions in the exercise of sincerity, essential in the rough approach of remaining, at least, close to the human spirit"
– Florin Coșuleț.