Harmonica Rhapsody

Show details :
Chromatic Harmonica: Chu-Ti Chuang, I-Chen Lu, Rolabo Lin
Bass Harmonica: Jin-Jia Jang
Chord Harmonica: Hann-Chyun Chen
Sound & Photography: Ming-Hsun Tsai
Show type : Musical
Duration : 48min
Premier Date : 01-12-2023

This concert is a great opportunity for harmonica enthusiasts to experience the magic of Judy's Harmonica Ensemble. The group's passion and dedication to their craft are evident in every performance. The use of three types of harmonicas creates a unique and diverse sound that is sure to captivate the audience.
 All sounds in their music are played using three different types of harmonicas, including the chromatic, bass, and chord harmonica. The “Harmonica Rhapsody” concert will feature a series of classic movie soundtracks, Taiwanese original compositions, and the “Romanian Rhapsody”.

„What might be the greatest talent of Judy’s Harmonica Ensemble is their ability to take such a simple instrument and create such complex music.” (Taiwan Panorama)